Skandivis –  The Homeware Shop With Strong Links To The Natural World

The Skandivis web shop was launched in January 2011 by Danish Londoner Toni Kay. The name Skandivis loosely translates as the Scandinavian Way and the website has a Scandinavian look and feel although not restricted to Scandinavian products. The choices are not purely practical but often playful and imaginative.

Photo Print Cushions

Material: 100% cotton canvas, the back charcoal
Design: By Nord. Retail Price: £80

Raven Clothes Hanger

Each hanger now comes in the shape of a traditional hanger as well as one that hangs from the ceiling by steel wire, dangling free and used as a beautiful mobile when not in use.
Material: Plywood.
Dimensions: 42cm x 21cm x 1.5cm, surface painted black
Designed by: Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadottir
Made in: Iceland. Retail Price: £39

Bed Linen

Striking contemporary bed linen with black on white Moose print design on the duvet. The pillow has a short history about the animal – one side in Danish and the other side English.
Design: By Nord, £92

All products can be bought via the website: or by contacting Toni direct on tel: 0845 226 3104 or email:

Notes to Editors
High resolution images of all products are available.
Products are available for press loan. is the sole UK distributor for Kotona magnetic notice boards andmagnets.

For further press information please contact: Toni Kay on email: Tel: 0845 226 3104